Give Your Massage Business A Facelift With These Professionally Designed Client Intake & Reporting Forms

... after all, first impressions are so important.


Tim Cooper


May 28, 2016

Dear Fellow Massage Therapist, Do your client intake and reporting forms provide you with the professional image that you want to portray to your clients about your massage business? After all, there are so many reasons why you need to use professionally designed massage forms, because you just never know where your forms are going to end up.

Firstly, with massage, it is an intangible service. People can't touch it, feel it, see it. For this reason, first impressions are so important. In a lot of cases, your client intake form is the first impression your client has of your business.

The other thing with using professionally designed massage forms is that you can get a whole set of forms that are uniform, that look the same.

You might think that outside of your client intake form, physical assessment form and maybe a S.O.A.P. form what else do you need? Well, there are other forms that you need to use from time to time in your clinic and you want to make sure that they all look the same. That they look as part of a set, so that your client thinks, "Oh yeah. This is a really professional outfit".

As I mentioned earlier, another reason you want to use professionally designed massage forms is you just don't know where your records are going to show up.

How Comfortable Would You Be Handing Your Records Over To Solicitors Or Insurance Companies?

You might be treating a client as a result of an accident, and your client's solicitors or insurance company may ask you for a copy of your records to take to court as evidence.

Now it doesn't happen often, but I have been asked in the past to provide copies of my records to workers compensation insurance companies. I've been called up by Health Fund Insurance companies just to make sure a client has come for the visits that they're claiming and to ensure the services claimed fall within the guidelines of what they will cover.

And as I mentioned earlier, I have had occasion to provide my records to various law firms in their pursuit of accident and injury compensation claims.



What Happens If A Client Wants To Make A Claim Against You?

Now of course the other side of things is that these forms will protect you against false claims.

Unfortunately there are people out there who might try to take you to court and sue you for something that they allege you did or didn't do.

So once again your forms are very important legal documents that can protect you against those sorts of claims.


Sharing Your Records With Other Health Professionals...

What if you're getting referrals from specialists or general practitioner doctors or other members of the allied health profession; chiropractors, physiotherapists etc?

Of course you want to display to these other healthcare providers that you are also professional and you have a very comprehensive reporting system.



"The Professional Massage Forms Kit"

When I first went out into private practice I couldn't find any pre-designed massage forms that met my needs, so I sat down and spent hours and hours designing my own.

The forms started to get the attention of my massage therapist colleagues and soon orders started coming in from all over the world, not only from massage therapists but also from massage schools and colleges.

These are the same forms that I continue to use in my own clinics to this day.

Let's take a look at what you receive as part of the professional forms package and all the other bonuses that I have to offer you.

The professional massage forms package includes both the shaded and standard versions of the following forms -

  • Client History
  • Physical Assessment
  • Pain Scale Reporting
  • Muscle Strength
  • S.O.A.P Notes
  • Treatment Summary

Client History (Shaded)

Client History (Standard)

Client History Form

First impressions are so important and what better way to introduce a new client to your massage clinic then have them complete this comprehensive client history form.

The form covers all required areas including -

  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Referral Details
  • Medical History
  • Client Declaration and Consent


Physical Assessment (Shaded)

Physical Assessment (Standard)

Physical Assessment Form

This forms guides you through the physical assessment process from head to toe and allow you to record your findings.

Includes areas for -

  • Gait analysis
  • Physical alignment
  • Soft Tissue Tone, Temperature and Sensitivity
  • Functional Mobility
  • Special Tests including Standing & Sitting Flexion, Val Salva, VAT, Homan's sign plus any additional orthopedic and neural test that may be required.

Pain Analysis (Shaded)

Pain Analysis (Standard)

Pain Analysis (McGill Pain Scale) Form

This is a very important form especially when you are working with clients who suffer from chronic pain. Without an accurate record it is very difficult to prove to the client that their pain has been reduced as a result of your treatment plan.

In the case of chronic pain, this form should be completed by the client at the time of the first visit, with a fresh form being completed following a set number of treatments.

This clearly demonstrates any progress made. For example -

Mrs Jones, "It's been four treatments and I'm still in pain"

You, "Okay Mrs Jones, on a scale of 1 to 10, what is the level of pain you are currently experiencing?"

Mrs Jones, "Three"

You, "Could you please complete another pain analysis form for me?"

Compare the form against the one she completed at the time of first visit...

You, "This is great, when you first came to me you were experiencing pain on a scale of 7 out of 10, you described the pain a radiating and you were on strong medication to help with the nerve pain. Now your pain is a dull ache on a scale of 3 out of 10 and is no longer radiating. We're making good progress!"

Mrs Jones, "Oh, I see. Yes, yes we are".

While you could record these changes in your standard notes, using a pain analysis form helps paint a clear picture that the client can see, plus the client has recorded the information themselves.

Muscle Strength (Shaded)

Muscle Strength (Standard)

Muscle Strength Test

Another useful form, the Muscle Strength test form can be used to record observations when comparing the strength and range of motion from one side to another.

Strains, contusions and nerve related problems can effect the strength of the affected muscles. This form allows you to track the progress overtime as the client undergoes treatment and rehabilitation.


S.O.A.P. Notes (Shaded)

S.O.A.P. Notes (Standard)

S.O.A.P Notes

This is my favorite note taking format. It is ideal for the initial treatment plus follow up visits. The S.O.A.P. notes form provides a structure that is clear and easy to follow.

Subjective - the problem the client has come to see you about or what they experienced since last visit.

Objective - what you observe by way of assessment and palpation.

Action - the details of the treatment performed

Plan - this could include any referrals or imaging requests, the treatment plan you recommended to the client along with any stretching and strengthening exercise prescribed.

The S.O.A.P form also provides an area for you record the range of movement of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine along with a diagram where you can visually illustrate the areas and pain patterns the client is presenting with.


Treatment Summary (Shaded)

Treatment Summary (Standard)

Treatment Summary

What better way to complete a set of client reporting forms then with a matching treatment summary. A clean, ruled form allowing for the free form entry of client notes.



But Wait! That's Not All...

I really want to make sure you've got everything you need to easily maintain accurate and comprehensive client records. That's why I've included the following bonuses...

Bonus #1

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Information & Client Consent Form.

This is a beautifully laid out double sided form that explains the benefits and contraindications of manual lymphatic drainage massage. It explains the treatment and why various areas of the body need to be accessed. A client declaration and consent area is also provided.

Myofascial Dry Needling Treatment Details

With the popularity of dry needling increasing, I decided to design a treatment form to record needle placement and any other notes relating to the treatment. Three treatments can be recorded per form.

Bonus #2

I have often been asked to make a "fillable" version of the Client History form available. This version of the form can be emailed to the client or placed on a website. Your client can enter their information directly into the form, print it out and bring it with them at their first visit. As a special bonus you also receive a fillable version of the Client Pain Analysis form as well!

Bonus #3

Note taking shorthand can be tricky and it seems that every therapist has their own way to abbreviate common massage and medical terms. The Clinical Note Abbreviations for Massage Therapists eBook lists 130 common abbreviations that allow you to write detailed notes quickly. This resource can also be used in a multi-therapist clinic to assist with the standardization of clinical notes. This resource can also be provided to third parties along with your notes to ensure they can be read and comprehended correctly.

Bonus #4

Life time access to the Professional Massage Forms membership area. You will receive notifications on updated releases, new forms and additional bonuses as they become available.


Plus You Get Instant Access

All your forms and bonuses are delivered to you electronically and are available for immediate download in our secure membership area.

So you don't even need to wait!

Let's just take another look at what you will receive -

  • The "Professional Massage Forms" kit which includes the Client History, Physical Assessment, Pain Analysis, Strength Test, S.O.A.P. Notes and Treatment Summary forms
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Information & Client Consent form
  • Myofascial Dry Needling Treatment Detail form
  • Fillable versions of the Client History and Client Pain Analysis forms
  • The Clinical Note Abbreviations for Massage Therapists eBook
  • PLUS Life time access to updates and additional bonuses

So, how much would you expect to pay for a set of professionally designed forms plus all the bonuses?

These forms and bonuses took hours to create and I could easily charge $67 for them.

But you're not going to pay $67, you're not even going to pay $47 or $27!

If you purchase today, you will receive your set of professional massage forms plus all the bonuses for only $17.

Use These Massage Forms For 30 Days And If You Don't Believe They Are A Fit For Your Business, I'll Give You A Full Refund

I'm so confident that you will love the professional look and feel of these forms, that I'm going to guarantee it.

Here's my guarantee to you: When you purchase the Professional Massage Forms kit you will have a full 30 days to start using these forms in your clinic. If during this time you feel the forms aren't a fit for your business just send me an email explaining why you don't believe the forms are of use to you, and I'll give you a full refund.

That's how confident I am that you will love these massage forms - and I can't think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

Click the buy now button below and get instant access to your forms today!